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"My 15 year old daughter had approximately 10 sessions with Anthea to overcome her lack of self worth, stage fright and feelings of failure. What I have now is a happy and much more confident beautiful smiling girl. Bronte adores Anthea’s happy, smiling face greeting her via zoom once a week. Releasing her feelings of sadness and doubt made room for her to learn to love herself and feel confident in her ability, her appearance and she now goes through her days without putting huge amounts of pressure on herself. 
THANK YOU ANTHEA We are forever grateful and Bronte is missing her weekly sessions but loves her audios."


"After just one session my feelings of overwhelm and frustration were greatly reduced! I had many light-bulb moments. Anthea gives each session her own special touch and I can't wait to continue my journey."


"When I have a session with Anthea she has me feeling like I can do anything. 
She has given me the ability to visually meditate, focus on what’s important ‘ME’ & control of my thoughts. Truly thankful." 


"I highly recommend Anthea, she is down to earth and her coaching strategies will support you in making the change you want in your life."


"Anthea is very good at what she does; she has helped me immensely. Highly recommended!"


"Anthea's passion and excitement for the knowledge, wisdom and techniques she shares is contagious ! I walked away from my first session knowing I had finally started a much needed journey towards a healthier mind set and confidence in myself and my abilities. There is much internal work to be done - it doesn't just magically happen ! - but having found someone like Anthea to work through it all with finally makes it all feel very achievable ... couldn't recommend highly enough".


"I had never thought to visit a Hypnotherapist since being told I could not be hypnotized when I was younger. I must admit I didn’t expect much would happen during the session.

I was being guided listening to words being spoken along with some music. Before long I felt I had allowed myself to just go with the flow of the moment. Anthea did an amazing job of gently guiding me to a point where I actually allowed myself to be in a hypnotic state.

During the session a limiting belief surfaced. Anthea was able to guide me to a point where I traced the source of the limiting belief. It went back many generations. It was like a super fast rewind was happening in my mind and I could see human figures (silhouettes) passing through my vision until it quickly stopped on one. This was processed and dealt with very quickly.

We also worked on some powerful visualization around things I want in my life and how I want my life to be.

Anthea’s Hypnotherapy coupled with the mindset coaching is a powerful combination.

I can only describe the whole experience as a journey within. I came out feeling as though a weight had been lifted and more flow was present. I felt a definite sense of self-empowerment afterwards and gained more clarity on my business goals. Taking action now feels easier.

I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to move things along in their life (make things happen), especially in the area of business."


"Anthea, thank you for an incredible session. You were gentle, curious and the perfect mix of challenging. You were encouraging and compassionate. There was no ‘Woo-woo’ just beautiful engaging with my imagination. I have been raving about you and would highly recommend you to people who would love to be free of long-held beliefs that have stopped them reaching higher in business and life. Thank you 💖"


"Anthea is action orientated, so she is straight to the point in addressing my needs. She is able to hone in on what makes you tick so strategies work as tailor made not one size fits all. I continue to grow & develop with Anthea's support as my needs change -so much so I bought along my 10yo daughter experiencing anxiety & reluctance to go to school. Anthea connected quickly with my little one & taught her some great techniques to assist her face the world in age appropriate way,,, Our family can't thank Anthea enough for her support & tailor made techniques to be the best we can be!!! Thanks Anthea!"


"Anthea is wonderful! She breaks it down so well and sends you into your own mind with confidence and trust. I loved learning some strategies with her and it has really set me up to achieve what I want. I would recommend Anthea in a heartbeat! thank you so much "


"Highly recommend Anthea! I am half way through a 6 session course of hypnotherapy and I already feel as though her work is changing my mindset and self worth! thank you Anthea, your magic"


"I was new to this approach. Anthea has taught me so much I've been able to embed. She always makes me feel comfortable and her approaches are really easy to integrate into every day life. I love that it's not too hippy. I moved interstate and I'm still able to see her via webex chat. Such an added bonus to her service."