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Mind trainer, hypnotherapist,
NLP master and coach  

Anthea Cutler is the founder and director of Mindfly. 

After completing a double degree in Business and Psychology, Anthea started off her career in recruitment where she quickly rank advanced in the world of small business. 

However, she decided she wanted to help people who really needed it, so she moved to the rehabilitation industry. There she predominantly worked as a Rehabilitation Counsellor and progressed quickly into leadership roles. She was always very passionate about her clients and her teams, and was known for her positivity and ability to motivate others but she always felt very constrained by the limitations of the workers compensation industry. 

In 2016, Anthea had her daughter Nola and unfortunately experienced debilitating anxiety following a traumatic birth. Luckliy she spotted the signs quickly and sought help from a psychologist and a psychiatrist whilst also going on anxiety medication.  Pretty soon after she was discharged as she was told she seemed to be "coping fine".

But that wasn't enough for Anthea. Anthea had always had a zest for life and she still felt like that was lacking and that the anxiety label would always be hanging over her. 

She participated in a 12 week personal development program with Hypnotherapist, Lucy Ellis from Rocking Your Imperfect and her whole world started to change. Her liveliness and sense of adventure slowly returned and she became steadfast in her decisions and what she wanted. 

With no money in the bank, a 1 year old daughter and the support of her husband she resigned from her career of more than 10 years to pursue her new passion for neuroplasticity; the ability of the brain to change itself. 

In August 2017, Anthea completed her Diploma of Modern Psychology with The Mind Academy training in hypnosis, neurolingusitic programming and coaching. Anthea founded Mindfly whilst she finalised her study.

Anthea is a bubbly down to earth practitioner, who is full of life and only wants the best for her clients. 


Diploma of Modern Psychology

Master Clinical Hypnotherapist

Master Practitioner NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Registered Student Member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA)

Registered Full Member of the Australian Society of Rehabilitation Counsellors (ASORC)

Bachelor in Business Administration and Arts Psychology